Blue-Out for Anthony! Fight Like A Champ!

Good morning FIRST friends! A 6th grader at Vision Charter School named Anthony Moretti was diagnosed with brain cancer six months ago. After chemo it looked like his tumors were shrinking but very recently it was discovered the tumors had spread to his spine and returned to his brain. A teacher at our school has worked to have today declared "Anthony Moretti Day" in Caldwell, Boise and Eagle Idaho. Our whole school is dressing in blue today to show its support for Anthony. We are on the road, but want to send some encouragement to our friend all the way from California. Will you help FTC Team #2997 - Beauty Bot and The Beasts show some love for Anthony? We would like to get pictures of your team today wearing, holding or pointing to something blue (Anthony's favorite color). We will have a sign that says "Fight Like A Champ" that you guys can hold and someone on our team will be roaming around snapping pics. Feel free to post your own blue selfies on our FB page: FTC TEAM#2997 - Beauty Bot and The Beasts or send them out to twitter #FIGHTLIKEACHAMP